Lomo Homo

Lomography is an analog camera movement that began in Vienna, Austria, when a group of students discovered the results of mindlessly shooting with a Russian camera called the Lomo Kompakt Automatbasic. Decades later, it has given birth to an army of creative individuals all around the world, freely experimenting and capturing their surroundings. Driven by its followers and guided by the Ten Golden Rules of Lomography, this movement is characterized by vibrant and saturated colors, unconventional framing, drastic vignetting, plastic toy cameras, and a plethora of experimental techniques.

Below is a collection of photos that I’ve taken over the years, many of which were shot using my 2nd hand Holga 120N. I’m obsessed with shooting on Fuji Provia and Velvia 120s, capturing videos with my Lomokino, and uncovering beautiful mistakes from double exposures.

I occasionally post photos on my Instagram with #lomohomo as the hashtag.


lomo_02 lomo_04 lomo_05 lomo_07 lomo_08