Lambretta Veloce

The challenge for this project was to select an existing brand that would not be associated with decor or kitchenware and extend it into the home category. The task was to create a fictional packaging line of any five household appliances that could possibly embody the chosen brand and would cater to its existing audience.

Started In 1847, Lambretta is known as the Italian line of scooters manufactured in Milan by Fernando Innocenti. Named “Veloce”, which in Italian, means “speed,” the line features a collection of streamlined appliances that are designed with the same precision and style as the classic scooters.


lambretta_01 lambretta_02 lambretta_03 lambretta_04 lambretta_05 lambretta_06 lambretta_07

Work Academic
Photography (Appliances) Misha Averyaskin